About us

Cignpost Life’s mission is to simplify life insurance so that more people can get the financial protection they need.

The team at Cignpost believe that there is a need for change within the protection insurance sector.

Meeting the need of current and future generations remains a top priority for us all. Many insurance providers use complicated jargon and lengthy applications which confuse clients and we feel make your jobs as advisers more difficult.

With Cignpost’s unique combination of straightforward features, jargon free language and quick application the financial protection needs of today’s consumers can be met quickly and simply.

By stripping back, the unnecessary bells and whistles and focusing on what matters, Cignpost Life can provide good value quality cover in a quick and simple way.

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Cignpost Life has received several industry accolades including being nominated for a number of awards.

Cignpost Life is underwritten by   iptiQ

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