Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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We understand this is a difficult time and we want to make sure we can provide you with up to date information. We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as it develops and are doing our best to provide the same level of service to our customers.

We understand you may have questions about your policy and how it has been affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) so we have put together some frequently asked questions. If your question hasn’t been answered below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

For the latest Government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) please see the website.

Your questions answered

Will my life insurance policy pay out if I get Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In the event that you get Coronavirus (COVID-19) and pass away, once the claim is considered to be valid following our standard claims process, your cover amount will be paid to your loved ones. Click here to read more about our claims process.

Will my critical illness policy pay out if I get Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Currently Coronavirus (COVID-19) isn't one of the critical illnesses covered by our critical illness cover. However, if due to the virus you develop a critical illness that is included in our cover and you meet the claim criteria following our standard claims process, then your cover amount will be paid. For a full list of the conditions covered by our critical illness cover, click here.

Have you changed your application questions?

No, our simple application, whether done on our website or via a financial adviser, hasn't been changed. We haven’t added any additional medical history questions, so you can still apply in as little as 5 minutes.

Have you changed your pricing?

No, we haven't changed our pricing because of Coronavirus (COVID-19). While we may change prices for new customers in the future, we will never change the amount you pay once your cover is in place with us, unless you wish to make a change to your policy.

Have you introduced any Coronavirus (COVID-19) related exclusions?

We haven’t changed or added any additional exclusions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). For information on what is and isn’t covered in our policies, please read our Terms & Conditions.

What if I can't afford my cover?

We understand you may not be able to keep up with your cover payments during this difficult time. If you are unable to pay, please contact us to discuss how we can help. We may be able to change your existing cover to reduce your monthly payment. This reduction would be permanent. We will always write to inform you if you have missed a payment.

Are you still operating as normal?

Yes, you are still able to access our online application 24/7. Our call centres are still operating during the normal working hours of: Monday to Friday: 8am-6pm and Saturday: 9am-1pm. You may experience some delays when getting in contact with our customer service team, but we are trying our best to respond to all emails and to speak to every customer who requires our help. Policy documents and correspondence will continue to be sent in the post to you, however there may be some delays. If the situation changes then we will provide an update on this website.

For new customers who do not yet have an active policy: How do Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms relate to what I need to tell you in my application form?

We understand that it can be difficult to know how to make disclosures sometimes, particularly for something that is new in all our lives. Our question set asks if you are waiting for tests or results. If you are waiting for Coronavirus (COVID-19) test or result, then this would be included under this question. The question set also asks if you have had any unexplained symptoms recently. This would include suspected symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Any other confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases should be disclosed under the abnormal test result or hospital questions where applicable. In the above circumstances, whilst we would not be able to consider an application immediately, we will be able to consider an application one month from the date of recovery if you have no residual complications and have returned to normal activities.

For all customers: What should I do if I have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms?

It is important that you follow the guidelines and advice set out by the government and the NHS. Please refer to the NHS website if you believe you have Coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms. You don't need to make us aware unless you need to make a claim.

Are you experiencing any delays processing claims / reports from GPs

With the current pressures on GPs, we are expecting to experience delays receiving reports back from them but we are doing everything in our power to reduce the delays as much as possible. We will be open with our customers and communicate with them throughout the claims process, so they understand the status of their claim at all times.

What are you doing to protect your staff?

We want all our staff and customers to be safe during this period. We have been able to set most of our staff up for remote working and for those where their attendance in the office is essential, we have implemented social distancing measures. Counselling has also been offered to staff affected by the current situation to help their wellbeing during these challenging times.

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